The Best Wood Stoves Available in Greater Victoria, BC

As Victoria’s most reliable heating company, we’re your go-to source for both the highest quality wood stoves, as well as for wood stove installation. 

There’s nothing like the beauty of building and enjoying a real fire in your home. We offer a wide variety of options to match your heating, design, and aesthetic needs. We sell and install wood-burning stoves from the following world-class manufacturers. 


Benefits of Wood Stoves

Wood-burning stoves provide a cozy ambience that can’t be matched. Many homeowners appreciate the heating benefits of wood or pellet stoves, but there are many other advantages as well:

  • Provides an affordable heating option
  • Uses a renewable source of energy
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Economical heating – can help to reduce heating costs
  • Works during power outages
  • Provides exceptional heating capabilities
  • Can be installed in almost any room in your home
  • Some models provide cooking convenience as a primary or back up stove top

Styles of Wood Burning Stoves

If you’re thinking of installing a wood stove in your home, there are more styles than ever to choose from. You may be interested in just a small wood-burning stove that doesn’t take up much room, or a sleek and modern freestanding style that is the focal point, or an antique wood stove to add a retro style to your design. Our team can advise you on the best room in the house for placement of your new stove and the best type of wood burner to meet your needs. 

What To Consider When Installing Wood Stoves

A new or retrofit wood stove is an investment for your home. There are many benefits to having one and we can help you to choose the best wood stove for your home. 

Heating Capacity

Even a tiny wood stove will give off great heat. Think about which rooms in the house you’d like your stove to heat so that you get the best size. Picking a suitable spot in the room for the stove is another important consideration.

WETT Inspection and Installation

Most insurance and real estate inspections will require a WETT-certified professional. Know from the start of your research about purchasing a solid fuel-burning system that it is best to find a WETT professional. This will also give you peace of mind that your system is installed safely. 

How Long You Plan On Staying in Your Home

A wood-burning stove is an investment. It can add value to your home, but should also be something that you are able to enjoy while you live there. 

Questions About Wood Stoves? 

Not sure whether wood-burning stoves are right for you? Questions about any of our products or services? We’re proud to be the most complete fireplace store in Victoria, BC, providing heating service from Sooke to Sidney to the Gulf Islands

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